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Default new and scared 40+ what the heck am I doing???

We are very new to this... still trying to figure it out. In a primary marriage with DH for 9 + years... (we are in our 40's) hit a jag, and i ended up outside marriage. Was missing emotional connection/intimacy due to complacency. Couldn't live with it and fessed up. DH afraid of losing me which was not really an option, just he realized that this was love and not a casual thing... so he said let's not be rash and how could this work?? BF is 60+ (we have known each other for 5 months)

We are in our very early stages right now. Have all been doing things together on the weekends all seems ok in fact better than that. Been learning stuff and getting things done around the house, sometimes just the two of them. I keep wondering if it really is ok. I never know how to tell except believing the words that are said to me. DH & I a reconnecting slowly, emotionally and physically. BF and I are very connected, in ways I just never could imagine.

I keep wondering if I am just asking way too much but I am truly grateful for such wonderful loving men in my life.

I want this to work, and I wondered if there's anyone that can offer anything other than just keep trying to talk. I don't want to ask too many stupid questions and I don't want to scare my men and I read through much of this and of course realize everyone's situation is different, (ok breath here) thanks for reading this far...
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