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Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I heard that many times before but while my girlfriend was away I didn't think too much about her return. I just wanted her to have a great time where she was with her husband and kids. That's pretty much all I could think about and wished them well. She was gone ten days. It went by fast.

She was only able to come over for half an hour the first day she was back. We sat on the couch, her in my arms, and she told me bits and pieces about the trip. Then we kissed... and it was such bliss. As I said, she only had a few moments so soon had to go. I walked her to the door and as we hugged, holding each other tight, I felt her solar plexus talking to mine just like we were one person.

She had more time the next day. We snuggled, for three hours we snuggled. Kissing, nibbling ears, holding each other... she told me, "when you touch me, I feel you touching my soul" and "we're like magnets" and although we kept our pants on, those three hours were more blissful than... well, there's no justice in comparing a fine moment like that. We were both in the present, relishing our moments together. That's the epitomy of bliss.

There's so much going on and the future is very uncertain. She says, "I find connection with you like no one else. I don't know what makes it different." I guess i'm not prepared to go into all the details right now. I am totally looking forward to the next night together with her and expect that we will fall deeper into each other. So dynamic.
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