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It never pays to be vindictive, and the satisfaction you gain from being mean to the girlfriend will be short-lived, I guarantee it. Because when the red fumes that are coming out of your ears start to clear, you'll still be stuck with that cheating, cowardly liar of a husband of yours - in other words, you will still have to deal with his betrayal. You both have a lot of work to do - for him, it will be to regain your trust, and for you, it will be to reach a place of forgiveness and trusting him again. Acting like a jackass toward him or his girlfriend accomplishes nothing other than satisfying an urge to inflict pain on someone in retaliation for the pain you felt. But the dishonesty and hurt between you and your husband is still there - so how do you expect to "start fresh" with letting him find a new girlfriend while you are still so hurt and angry? You resolved nothing by doing what you did. I say, get thee both to counseling!
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