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Default Happy thanksgiving

Sunday's dinner with MG, SG & DH went off great. LOL but as DH & I were heading over to the restaurant (we live 30-40 min away) I realized the KB might work there. I text him and yep, he works there and was almost off from work. So weird to finally meet a potential fwb while on a date with hub & my metamour and her husband.

Um yeah, so KB is definitely into me as I'm into him. Just some timing issues for us. But the guy's been staying in contact with me for over four months now. It may go slow, but we definitely feel some chemistry. I went there again the next night after dropping DH off at MG's place. He was super busy but it was nice getting to chit chat with him. Me heart goes pit pat, ahhhh.

Dinner was fun, lots of laughing and conversation. Hard to find an item to eat because of the low iodine diet I have been prescribed by the surgeon. The bunless Vegie Burger was perfect.

We went back to metamours place. MG & DH went into the hot tub while SG and I talked. We talked for over an hour when we realized we should join the love birds outside. So SG and I are interested in each other. SG was upfront about the fact he goes really slow in his relationships. This is good since I usually go too fast and wind up disappointed.

And this week I started talking with a new guy CC who is very interested in meeting but we have the Holidays upon us and family visiting. Speaking of family. Due to possible snow in the mountain passes my mother is coming over 5 days earlier than planned. My surgery is in a week. So DH gets tomorrow night with MG (he now has Monday's full overnight, where MG brings him home sometime on Tuesdays and Friday nights) and won't be able to see MG on Mon/Tues as planned. We're not out to any one aside from our oldest child and a few friends. And right before my surgery is not when we un-closet ourselves.

Schedules, SG & I discussed what I'm okay with. Funny he pretty much did the negotiating with me for MG & DH. Sometimes it's easier that way. The Friday's are flexible for change if I need that night. But again, sort of at a stand still with dating due to time constraints and surgery. And MG wants Fridays because she has coping issues from SG being with SA. Funny I seem to find myself (and I think SG is fine too) able to function without my spouse home. It's sort of nice actually. I get the bed to myself to stretch out, when the 2 yo wakes in the night, more room to cuddle her and have found by making the no calling or texting when on way home rule has helped me to get some deeply needed sleep.

I am now finding I don't do well with mornings. Not like dh had been, but I am just not ready for negotiations or being told something on the DH's plans before I've even had a cup of coffee. I find it just a time to actually take advantage of one's weaknesses when they are not fully awake.

Next weekend I'm sure I'll be on here a lot during my recovery. And shoot, I was going to ask SG on a date for Saturday night but now that my mom is planning to come over, well all my dating opportunities are definitely now on the back burner. LAME
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