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GalaGirl, thanks so much for your post, you have some amazing suggestions that I will be discussing with my hubby over the weekend. I am wondering, though, based on what I have written, would you say that my hubby's friend was trying to break us up? You did include that on your list of her dealbreaking behaviors.

I certainly feel she was trying to cause trouble between us, at minimum. I don't think she was a classic "cowgirl" in that she wanted to break us up so she could have a monogamous relationship with him. But do you think someone might ever try to break up a marriage out of sheer spite? That's how it feels to me. To me, when you tell a friend that their spouse is abusing them (because I wasn't supportive of him sleeping with her, I suppose), that is a loaded word and implies that you think the friend should leave the marriage. Maybe that word is unusually loaded for me because I used to counsel battered women. I am not sure.

Would you all mind keeping this on topic and not getting bogged down in STD-related discussion? I think most of us would agree on what sexually responsible behavior for a polyamorist looks like. Thanks so much.

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