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Originally Posted by Natja View Post
Forgive me but....that is a weak excuse. Firstly not everyone goes in for the hierarchal 'I am the wife so I have rights to be demanding' schtick.

Secondly, people, including secondaries have the right to demand certain things, including not having their health and welfare be put at risk, not being screamed at and/or threatened over seeing something freely available etc.

Your comment about her obviously not being a wife was disparaging, no use no point in making things worse by using a piss poor excuse.
I was making a joke of her acting like an enraged wife, which seemed strange so soon into the relationship. I don't belive anyone should be demanding, I think one should care for oneself and try to be nice to others. Anyway, I was not reffering to a hierarchy of people, but of time/commitment.

I also said - in the very same paragraph - she can protect herself quite simply by refusing to link herself up to anyone that she considers to lack the kind of privacy she prefers.

My comment about her not being the wife by the way also correlate with him not being her husband; he has not long standing trust to build on with her, so that when he treats her unconsiderably she will have less reason to stay with him than would a wife who could afford to be more patient because the past has given her reasons to belive he will make up for it later. "Behaving like a wife" (or a husband) is a state of mind one should not embark not in new relationships. There one should be always kind and always expect kindness as a rule, as well as protect oneself. There are difficult things to come in a relationship, you don't want to start out by not being able to find workable compromises even over petty things.

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