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I don't have any children yet. Since I am in comitted relationships, it would be very strange not to tell them, when they come! I believ polyamory with children can be done. However, one should make an effort to make it easy on the child. I would never ask my children to lie. I hope that if I give my children two fathers, they will be proud of both, and probly have the same joys and issues with their dads as everyone else has got. The sexual relationships is between the adults, as in any family. The friendly stuff and the organisational stuff would also include the kids. We would not date outside the family, so there would be nothing to come out with or explain. They would know, if they grew up with it and thought it normal with dad, mum and dad. I love my men and think the both of them would make great fathers. They have their faults, as do everyone else, as do I, but hopefully we would learn to do it well enough and our kids would be fine.
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