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Originally Posted by JaneQSmythe View Post
Sentence caught my eye. What does it mean to "act like a wife"? Just curious. I, myself, am a wife...I never got an "operator's manual" telling me how to act (which is probably would have just pissed me off - I don't respond well to people telling me what to do). Guess I've just been winging it for the last 17 years...

(PS. I also never got a guidebook telling me how to "act like a girlfriend"...maybe I am doing THAT wrong too!)
Well, I just meant that it is more appropriate to be "demanding" when you have known each other a long long time and really know each other's personality and the issues between you. Better yet, to just be nice to each other and talk civilized yet honest about things, still in most cases there are once in a while neccesary to use ultimatums and vetos and I think as a wife I have a right to do that. Of course you can always decide that a new person should have such rights but then it needs to be actively negotiated (hopefully one will negotiate anyway, but I guess you might know what I mean. Putting in the years gives you something to expect).
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