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H is amazing. Listening to my stuff and chiming in or just supporting me at the perfect times. Our sex life has been better, so my relationship with him has improved again by leaps and bounds when it felt great to begin with.

Things with D are complicated. I'm fairly certain Z dislikes me. I know for a fact she doesn't like D seeing me, and she tries to interrupt or end our time together as much as possible. It's irritating, and it's hurtful. I've tried reaching out to her multiple times and gotten little to no response.

My friendship with B is kind of complex, as well. We act pretty much the same as we did when we were dating - do the same activities together and stuff - without the little intimacies. No random kisses (we kiss hello, goodbye, and during sex now), no cuddling, no handholding. I like it. It's fun and I don't worry about it when I don't see/hear from him for days. Everyone else finds it a little weird.

I've been talking to a new guy from OKCupid for a couple of weeks. We've tried to plan to get together a few times, but his wife was extremely ill then I got sick and now Thanksgiving... Eventually it should happen! He's nice, fun, a little nerdier than I normally am interested in (or nerdy about different things).

Other than that... Life is good. I'm starting to look for a new job to get better hours and potentially better pay rate. Not sure how feasible that is, but a girl can dream!
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