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Originally Posted by sterling119 View Post
Idealst, I have tried to find someone else with her luck!! Seems it is a very hard thing to find. I have tried to meet people, online web name it but not anyone. I am starting to get a If it were ment to be and happened I would welcome it for sure but for now I am just getting along with the way things are. She is happy, he is happy and I am ok with it and for the most part happy although I do sometimes feel left out when they are away or spending nights together. I think the fact that we are all friends makes it better though so we will have to see where things lead.
Compersion for another person's joy is a powerful feeling, and it may keep giving you enough feelings of satisfaction that won't leave you 'lonely'. I found over the years that being alone was rather pleasant almost every time it happened. Never felt lonely once the initial adjustment to poly living happened. Still have the same feeling, and frankly I always looked forward to my own time when a partner and their SO spent time together. Came to eagerly look forward to it (bachelor living is awesome when youre not a bachelor anymore!). You seem similar, as in I think you'll find it the same way after a while.

While I can have as many partners as I want, the thrill of the pursuit of new love is less interesting to me than my own passions and interests right now. If one comes along, great, but I don't care if it doesn't.
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