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Re (from london):
"When do we hold elections for Race Relations Officer of because I never got to vote in the last one. Is it cos I is black?"
Yes london, it's cos you is black, and as we know all blacks are bigots. Hence unfit to vote (much less run) for the Race Relations Offer job. Now bow your head and humbly and say, "Amen."

Amen. (And also, you will once again not receive a slice of cake.)

I'm definitely with LovingRadiance in the sense that some stereotying is good, necessary, and useful, while other sterotyping is hateful, pointless, and illogical. Sorry if that offends, but I can't just back down on my position -- not without a huge learning curve that gave me lots of citations to confirm the supposed facts along the way.

Yes LR, the test set-up was very nice (even though I hated the "under the clock" pressure preliminaries). Who knows when I'll find good opportunity to try it again later.

Thanks for posting the various links; I believe that they'll help a lot of people (myself included).

Kevin T.
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