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simple solution (for you): do not link your profiles to his if you don't like his level of privacy. You cannot control him, or even make him consider what his level of privacy IS if he is not interested. You act like a wife even though I take it you are not. Protect yourself and limit his acess to you if you feel you need to do so.

simple solution (for him): accept that googling is something everybody does, ESPECIALLY people in relationships, but also work and well...everybody, and that being not so private on the net enables others to find, surprise, information on the net. Him being in different sites with the same name will make it a lot easier for people to find him. It is like agreeing to be listed in the phone book and still be angry that people are able to contact you.

I think the both of you need to work on communication before becoming so easily pissed about simple matters. I mean, it is fair enough to GET pissed, but you believe in your own moods like the Bible. Stop trying to be right, start wanting to make connection. In every relationship, one has to be more humble that one originally wished in order to make it work.
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