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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
Never, including you, have an expectation of privacy when on the web. Someone can always find something.
So true. Years ago, I once sold some lingerie on eBay (full slips and half-slips that I'd never worn) and noticed that the winning bidder had bought a ton of women's underwear in large and Plus sizes. Out of curiosity, I Googled their email address and quite easily discovered conversations from other forums and found out that my buyer of frilly undergarments was a rather burly guy with an officer's rank in the US Army. I even found his picture - in just a few steps. I wrote to him and told him he should change his user name and get a new email to use just on eBay if he wanted to keep his ladies' undergarment-buying private. He never replied. I then all my lingerie auctions to private so no one could see the bidders' emails (I think they do that automatically for all of them now).
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