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Default cooking

AM is here, cooking with WI in the kitchen. One daughter is chipper and helping out as she can. The other is off with a friend, but greeted AM at the door with a shout of glee and joy, earlier today. Fluid flow. Feels good.

We're giving AM a key to our house, soon. So she can come in whenever she wants. Not living here, but present at her own desire.

AM is also going on a date this weekend, with a really nice guy we know peripherally. She's trying to distinguish between showing interest in him as a human being and Interest as a Partner. His daughters are practically her age - it wigs her out, but she likes him anyway.

Oh, and she was going to spend the night, just to be up late and hang out, and to have breakfast together in the morning bleary-eyed as we waited for the coffee to kick in... but she's having a serious nesting phase and just wants to be in her own goddamn house. Which is cool. People doing what they want, when they want it, is a new phase in our lives. Speaking up for yourself. Doing your own thing. Leaning, sharing, cavorting, playing, and making space - people need this, at different times. It's good that we're adjusting to normal life, slowly. NRE has been intense. This feels calmer. There's lots of cooking to do for today and tomorrow (I should get back to my part of it...)

Not that NRE is entirely gone. Still feeling like teenagers here, thank you very much. No details shared.

God, I love listening to my daughters bond with AM. They totally adore her. That they're slowly seeing us being intimate and affectionate seems totally safe. Hugs at the door. A chaste kiss. Backrubs. As long as mom and dad are okay, it seems fine. And they adore AM. Yay.
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