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I broke up with new guy last night.
I told him we could go out for a wee bit Tuesday and then a late night Saturday. But when I felt it was time for me to go he started asking the why questions. Why are you leaving? Why can't your parents look after the kids in the morning? Not the first time we have had this conversation, every time I have to go he starts on about it. "Can't you just pay the sitter double time and stay out later?"

We had a nice smooch in the parking lot and then when I am home he sends me a text about not "attacking" him enough. Apparently I should have been more over him in public. I already told him I not into huge grope sessions in public.

Plus he lives with his mum and has no intention of moving of moving out, he sleeps on the couch in the living room. While I think it is great he is taking care of his mum, I am not doing all the hosting around at my place. I dated some one before who lived with his mother to take care of her, So he was always round and my place, with the dog, ( such a sweetie but this is not a huge apartment) demolishing the contents of the fridge and wanting to watch tv.

The red flags were waving for a while but I really liked him.
I did the bad thing and broke up by text. It was after 12 and everyone here was asleep. He sent some mean texts, said I was leading him on, he adored me and I was cruel to him, he is devastated and I am a terrible communicator. This was date #5.

I feel bad. I really do. I simply cannot be what he is looking for. Late nights, flexible schedule, sleep over host and unrestrained in public.

I am so tired today, very down, I snapped at mum and she got all upset. She was telling me that I need to be more on top of cleaning out the fridge. I was very sorry, she was only trying to care. I already felt like a failure.

I have to get ready to meet Prof. At least he lets me to go to sleep when I am tired and then potters about doing his own thing. Never complained once.

This is what dating is about, no? You meet, go out a few times and then come to the point where you think things will work out or things will not. Someone's feelings get hurt if they aren't on the same page. I feel like a heel. But better now than later, no?
Me: mid 40s female.
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