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Originally Posted by Csmarie View Post
But see, our relationship is different.
Different than what? Because she's not into sex, you mean? So, she's fine that you and her h have lots of sex and she doesnt need to?

Last time I checked, making a baby takes lots of fucking... I think on average it takes 6 months to get knocked up. Therefore she and her h will be wanting to have frequent sex around her ovulation. But it varies, of course. Could take one shag, or it could take a year. Or they might have infertility and need 3 years of grueling medical interventions... ya never know.

I enjoy helping her around the house. I enjoy taking care of her and making her feel beautiful. And our relationship is not about sex at all. Sex is extremely rare as she already has a very low libido. She's already brought up how she'll be fat and we won't want her and she knows that she is beautiful to me no matter what.
Well, OK. If you love doing their housework, you might as well move in, eh? So you don't have to do your own housework plus theirs when youre there.

So. Let's say she gets pregnant easily, and the pregnancy is healthy. Baby comes. What is your role? Housekeeper? 2nd mom? Auntie? Big sister? Frequent babysitter?

What if you catch baby fever to a painful extent when your gf is pregnant? What will you do?? Never mind with their kid, their house. It will be your house, your housework, your lovers. But, they deny you the honor of carrying your own bf's child. Hm.

We had one member here who did get pregnant by her bf, but since he and his wife weren't "out" to their family or anyone, she was told the world would be told the wife was the bio mom of the baby, and would be called Mom, and the actual bio mom would be given the title of "mother" in Hebrew. Stealthy!
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