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Honestly, I don't "subscribe" to any thing at all.~

I also find the find the term "Relationship Anarchy" to be a self contradiction and it defeats the purpose of itself: how can you profess to practice a practice that "has no labels" when you continue to label every thing including this very practice itself?~

For me personally: this is just how I am.~

I don't believe you can control who you love, with how many it happens with, and when it happens.~

I don't believe you can control love at all: you can't schedule love, you can't put rules on love, and you can't stop love because love is going to do what ever it is going to do whether you like it or not.~

I'm not going to put my life and my dreams on hold for any one, I don't like schedules and I don't like rules as I have enough of them in my life with the military, if you want to be with me: then tell me and be with me but I will never be "your's" and you will never be "mine" for you can't "own" some one, don't "expect" any thing of me and I will not "expect" any thing of you: I want us to do things with and for each other because we "want" to not because it is "expected" of us.~

My love is eternal, my friendship everlasting: "ex-lovers" do not exist for me, if you want to be with me then be with me, but we may or may not always be together, regardless I will treasure every moment with you: you can't "let me go" because you never "had me", you don't have to "leave me" if you don't want to, but please try not to be afraid if it does happen for I never shut people out of my life ever and you are always welcome back into my life.~

The wind and the river may dance away and come and go as they please and I may or may not ever see them again, but we will always be friends and even lovers.~
Love yourself, you are beautiful!~ ^_^

*Believe in yourself, you can do anything*!~ ^_^

Appreciate every thing, every thing is precious.~

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