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Alaska is home to at least twenty distinct indigenous languages. More than just dialectal variants, these different languages reflect the diverse cultural heritage of Alaska's Native peoples. For more information about particular languages, click on one of the language names on the left.
This page, I can't copy/paste a pic-I'm not smart enough to figure it out yet. Anyway-it has a cool breakdown of the languages in a kind of graph pic if you want to check it out.

Since I filled the page with AK Native info-one thing I can say that is brought up FREQUENTLY here, is that if "outsiders" want to promote more involvement with the Ak Natives, the best way to do that, is to "go to them" and immerse into their comfort zones.
So-go to their activities and join in. Once they see your willingness to join in their activities, they feel more comfortable joining into yours.

(just a thought to consider for how to promote intermixing)
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