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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
That is one thing you are trying to figure out. You're also trying to figure out how you feel about your own desire to be pregnant and have a kid. And whether you should move in with these people. What if you move in and she gets pg and all hormonal and needy and nauseated and you end up doing lots of housework? What if she loses her libido and yet is jealous you and her h do sex when she doesnt want to? What if she struggles with her changing body and being "fat" while her h's gf remains thin and lithe?
But see, our relationship is different. I enjoy helping her around the house. I enjoy taking care of her and making her feel beautiful. And our relationship is not about sex at all. Sex is extremely rare as she already has a very low libido. She's already brought up how she'll be fat and we won't want her and she knows that she is beautiful to me no matter what.
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