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KDT-I wasn't suggesting I know all of them. I only remembered from school (grew up here) that there were somewhere around 9.
But-here is some info I can toss your way about Alaska Natives. SMALL amount of info.

"In Southeast Alaska, a region of lush forests, mild climate, abundant fish, game, and edible plants, the Tlingit (pronounced Klinkit), Haida, and Tshimshian Indians thrived...
The Athabascan Indians of interior Alaska and Canada faced harsher living conditions and were more often faced with famine than their neighbors on the coast...
The Inupiaqs settled along the north coast of Alaska and Canada, (where they are known as Inuits), and the Yupiks settled in Southwest Alaska. Both groups hunted, fished, and gathered the berries and roots that grew during the brief, cool summers...
The smallest group of Alaska Natives, the Aleuts, made their living from the rich sea that surrounded their home on the Aleutian Islands..."

(Inupiat and Yupik are the ones who consider themselves Eskimos. The rest DO NOT)
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