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As part of our date, Alex and I ended up having a very long conversation about how I'm feeling in the relationship. He brought an exercise dealing with emotional needs, and that sparked up a good conversation on his part about making himself a better boyfriend. He asked me what he needed to do so that I felt secure in his love for me, and he's agreed to work harder to make it so that our relationship gets out of this boring cycle of eat-fuck-sleep-fuck-repeat that we've gotten into.

I hope that it gets better, but at the same time, he did blame Jenny for some of the things that bother me. Apparently she feels jealous or threatened because I'm basically her, ten years younger, and a better sexual match for Alex. While this makes sense, Alex has the habit of making assumptions and clinging to them as truth.

I did lay it out on the line. I told him, like I've told Jen, that I want us to sit down and take the time to talk and hash things out. I told him that his issues with Jenny are affecting my happiness in each of these relationships. I have come to care very deeply about these people and I'm excited to see what role they'll take in my life in the coming years, but I did let Alex know that I can't sit around forever, waiting for their drama to hash itself out when neither of them is willing to give an inch.

We'll see how this works out.
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