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I'm feeling much much better than I did in my previous post. I realised that the real problem is me. Whatever Hank does shouldn't influence me as much as it has done recently. Somehow I put him and our relationship on this weird pedestal where it's in the key role in making me happy. No. I can make myself happy. I can concentrate on other things. I don't need to wallow in the lack of time or other things. This change of attitude has worked really well so far. I'm happy.

Last weekend Janet was in our city. She came to our place and rory came here as well, so the four of us hung out for a few hours, then rory and me went to a party and from there to another party. Hank and Janet came to the second party as well. We had a good time both together and separately. It was really nice to get to know Janet a bit.
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