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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
my men tease me sometimes because I will sit at the laptop in our kitchen and draw lines around my self and say that I am in my own room, please knock to come in... of course this becomes a joke to them and they tease me by pretending to knock and then my boy gets into it etc... it is funny, but I am also serious.
I would get a little frustrated not being taken seriously.

What about using headphones when you want to tell everyone that you need some private time? And also to make it clear to the grown-ups that you really mean this, it's not intended as a joke... that it was funny the first time, but now you really feel that your personal space is being disrupted.

It sounds like your son is just following along with what the grown-up boys do, so if they set the example that Mommy wants to be left alone when she's got her headphones on, he'll understand that he should ask Daddy if he needs something.

Note, you don't actually have to be listening to anything, they're just meant as a "don't bug me, I'm busy" symbol... Heck, you could even use those big clunky yellow construction ones, which have the added bonus of blocking out sound really effectively...
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