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Legal Given Name: Christopher Michael Gallardo Jr.

Chosen Name: Starlight Bliss Rainbow

Rating (Job): Future U.S.A. Navy Sailor Aerographer's Mate Enlisted Rank 3 Seaman

Spiritual Beliefs: Possibility.~

Sexuality: Not defined.~

Gender: None.~

Sex: Male.~

Relationship Structure Preference: None.~

Status: I'm in the DEP or Delayed Entry Program and I ship out to Basic Training in January 2014.~

Legal Marriage: Not planning to, since I don't see it as necessary, I am not going make a promise I may one day break, and I don't believe the law has any say in my relationships.~

Current Children: None that I know of and highly unlikely since as far as I know I am a virgin and I have never donated sperm.~

Future Children: Maybe.~

I am in the Navy and I am not going to deny it if asked, but I am not going to answer under most circumstances to begin with, because if it isn't "legal marriage" or any thing like that then they really don't care is what I've been told so far.~

If the husbands and wives are allowed to kiss each other when first getting "off the ship", then I am not going to hide my kissing of how ever many people I love that have come to meet me there at that time no matter what their sex or appearance is.~

I don't know how I will handle the future relationships I may have as I do not pre-program my responses to situations all the time, I do not know all of the future and the future is never written in stone, but I have happiness and hope that every thing will work out.~

I do not understand "physical only relationships" as my every thing: heart, body, mind, and soul are not separate and I feel every thing in every thing I am and do, so no love=no sex, naturally I am a virgin as I have not had the opportunity to actually meet any one in person whom I love and we have not felt like doing that yet.~

I also don't smoke any thing ever because I don't want health problems and I don't need it to be myself in any situation, I don't drink alcohol because I don't want health problems and I don't need it to be myself in any situation, I don't believe in the concept of "trash", and I love and have great respect for every thing including the Earth.~

I have a radically different mindset than most people about love and relationships: I love people for ever, we may not be together at times but I will treasure every moment I am with them no matter how short or long it is, they don't have to stop their life for me for I will not for them for life doesn't stop it goes on and on until you die and then who knows?!~

I'll tell you one thing though: never ever ever will I prevent some one from coming back into my life for I always have room for them: for my love is eternal and my friendship is ever lasting.~

I hope they would do the same for me, but even if they don't: I will still smile and be happy, because I appreciate every moment of every thing: love, life, existence, etc..~ The nature of life and existence is to change and move, I have no regrets, I am happy in this moment.~ ^_^
Love yourself, you are beautiful!~ ^_^

*Believe in yourself, you can do anything*!~ ^_^

Appreciate every thing, every thing is precious.~

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