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Originally Posted by YouAreHere View Post
So your point is that, if "guys" is more popular among men, then "gals" should be more popular among women?

But it's not. At least in this area. Maybe in a different region, it's different?
Why? I'm not sure, and I guess I'll let the etymologists get into that.

There are still some female-descriptive terms that don't have a pairing ("chick"), or some that have a many-to-one relationship ("guys and gals", "guys and dolls"), so it (like all language) isn't cut and dried.

But why isn't "gal" used more often? I gave *my* reason - it sounds odd. Maybe it sounds a bit "pulp fiction novel/noir" for me... sort of like "dame" or "doll" (which a couple friends of mine *do* use). Maybe language will turn around again and it'll be in favor once more. Who knows?

Time to take my gams and go.
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