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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
Makes more sense to stick to addressing what types of behaviors tend to make people of minority groups that experience discrimination; avoid participating in groups and their activities.
Are you saying to not participate in behaviors and groups of discrimination?~

Because your wording here is confusing.~

If you are stating this: then I agree with you, that was my point all along: it's not so complicated, just stop trying to "classify" every one as one "Race" or "Another" because that is confusing and misleading with its' connection to "skin color or physical appearance": I make that distinction between "Race" and "Culture", "Race" is more connected to physical features of a group of people while "Culture" is more connected to the way of life of a group of people, these two are often connected but one does not always indict the other.~

Therefore this thread is NOT about "Race", it seems to me to be about "Culture".~

Some one who says they are "black" when they show no physical features of being such suggest that they are not talking about being of the "Race" "Black" but of the "Culture" "Black".~
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