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The swinger meet and greet:

I don't want this blog to be a blow by blow of our dating history so I'll make things march. We went to the swingers party to meet Jack and Jill, and had a pretty good time. Almost all of the people there were interested in hanging out with old friends rather than meeting or greeting newcomers. I consider this par for the course - of COURSE people would rather hang out with friends than meet strangers.

However, the trick is to have fun even if everyone ignores you so Red and I danced, played pool and had a good time. We spent some time with Jack and found him to be charming and friendly. Jill didn't have much to say to us, she was mostly wrapped up in her old friends.

Later we invited them to our place to play a board game.

Eventually we heard that she didn't feel any chemistry with us and was not interested. Jack was still willing to continue the relationship, and he is a sweet, caring man. We let him know we are still interested.

After this, I was talking to a fellow on the swinger site. I had asked the question, "is it a faux pas to say we want friends as well as lovers" and he said no of course not.

We went for a coffee date with him and he turned out to have been swinging for 30 years. A fascinating man that is the most dominate personality I can remember meeting. I'll call him Dom. ;-)

We eventually ended up in bed with him and had a wonderful time. I can now say that I am no longer bi-curious. We have met his main lady friend and she is nice enough to us, but things are a bit cool. We will see how things go after we meet her a few more times.

And that is where we are now (2010, March 27th). I didn't feel like starting this blog until we had something to report (so I guess the first success was a given). But I will try to do at least brief updates as important events happen. I do hope to do a post on what we are feeling now that this adventure is actually rolling for real.

Warm regards, Rick
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