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But NO ONE here was making those kinds of assumptions.

Someone is saying they wonder why there isn't more interracial social activity in their area, inquiring if others have tackled similar problems and if they know how to increase it.

That isn't assuming that anyone knows anything about anyone else.
Furthermore, no one was assuming that "everyone with similar colored skin tones feels/acts/thinks the same way". In fact-several of us have noted quite the opposite, in a variety of examples.

BUT-there is some common denominators between how marginalized and discriminated people TEND to feel/act/react.
One of those things is that they tend to avoid socializing in groups where they fear it could happen again.

So addressing what possible actions/attitudes/behaviors may create THAT fear is actually quite logical and sensible.
Since minority groups (race/sex/sexual orientation/dis(ability)/culture) do tend to be marginalized and discriminated against frequently; then it makes sense to inquire about that as well.

MY point has been-that tackling "preferred" terminology on a world wide public message board is pretty much a waste of time-because there isn't a world wide preference.

Makes more sense to stick to addressing what types of behaviors tend to make people of minority groups that experience discrimination; avoid participating in groups and their activities.
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