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Ok, there doesnt seem to be anyone else I can talk to! We are a very happily married couple of 39 years. I adore him and he me. About 7 years ago we ventured into the world of swinging. Altho it was fun, it soon became a bit "empty". Till......we met this couple. Also long married, they said they wanted something "more" than swinging and we soon all fell desperately in love. I so love him AND my husband. My husband is crazy about her. So....the problem? I love sharing my husband with her. I love seeing him act like a teenager in love! But I HATE that my male partner and his wife still swing. I have jealousy that I cant control and its ruining an otherwise beautiful relationship. Weird, I know...not jealous of my husband, but of the other couple? My husband has other "girlfriends" that he enjoys, but he much prefers out couple and I prefer to remain with my couple and my husband. I want everyone to be exclusive but they have declined that several times...they say they love the excitement of the swing, but they love us????? I have called the whole thing off several times and then miss them so desperately. Am I just nuts???
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