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Originally Posted by ColorsWolf View Post
Originally Posted by YouAreHere
Depending on the context, there may not be a valid pairing (as in my "Girls' Night Out" emails from my friends). I agree that using mismatched word (other than for effect, maybe) would be jarring, but I don't think that's what we're talking about here.
Then I believe you are mistaken.~

This is all relevant to why "gals" is not as commonly used as it used to be as "guys" was and is.~

Why exactly is "girls" more popular than "guys" like "girls night out"?~

Sure some people use the term "boys night out", but they also use the term "guys night out": how is this more popular than "gals night out"?~
So your point is that, if "guys" is more popular among men, then "gals" should be more popular among women?

But it's not. At least in this area. Maybe in a different region, it's different?
Why? I'm not sure, and I guess I'll let the etymologists get into that.

There are still some female-descriptive terms that don't have a pairing ("chick"), or some that have a many-to-one relationship ("guys and gals", "guys and dolls"), so it (like all language) isn't cut and dried.

But why isn't "gal" used more often? I gave *my* reason - it sounds odd. Maybe it sounds a bit "pulp fiction novel/noir" for me... sort of like "dame" or "doll" (which a couple friends of mine *do* use). Maybe language will turn around again and it'll be in favor once more. Who knows?

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