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As a avid outdoors man I believe while in some parts of the world we are doing enough, in others we are not. As a hunter I am very concerned about conservation and take a active part in protecting the wild. I am not a trophy hunter by any means, I just prefer wild game. It is healthier and entirely organic. I also believe wild killed meat is far more humane then what you get from a grocery store. Ever been to a slaughter house? It's pretty gross. Animals standing around in their own fecal matter waiting their turn. Yuk
One of the biggest issue in North America is that as humans have spread out we have upset mother nature. We have in some cases hunted a predator to extinction (wolves in the western US) this in turn caused the species that would have been prey to the wolves to explode in population. Now you have a unmanageable and unsustainable population of those animals. In this case a few years later they reintroduced wolves to the ecosystem with what has been desasterious results. The wolves they introduced were of a stronger more hearty variety (Canadian) and they have now almost hunted the wild elk to extinction. When it was proposed to allow a limited hunt to cull the wolves it was met with fierce opposition. People remember why happened before and are afraid it will happen again.
Here where I live in Alberta we have a huge white tail deer population, it is regulated in part by hunting as even here the natural predators while not extinct are low in numbers. Mother nature could fix all this on her own, but it would take decades and humans would have to leave the area completely.
Conservation is something that humans have to take seriously. We have to carefully manage the game and woodlands to make sure they are here for future generations.
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