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Originally Posted by ColorsWolf View Post
Here's an idea: how about calling them "people"?
OK-There are large groups of people who may feel excluded. How can we include them.

There ya go.

For the purpose of progress on a broad scale-it's USELESS to omit descriptive labels.

In ONE ON ONE conversation it's unnecessary to use descriptive labels for obvious visual features.
BUT he wasn't one on one and wasn't able to access one on one conversations.

No one would even know wtf he was talking about if he started a thread on the topic without descriptives.

Ironically-I took the question to another venue-where I KNOW there are people who identify as racial minorities in the US. Because I CAN SEE THEIR PHOTOs.
I asked them PERSONALLY about discussing the topic and used the EXACT words that kdt used-as a quote.
They responded positively that they would love to communicate with him and appreciated his interest.


Maybe the REAL issue is that people who DON'T WANT TO DISCUSS IT SHOULD JUST NOT DISCUSS IT and people who do want to-can.
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