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Kevin, "So then maybe this someone shouldn't bother you at all with their pittance of knowledge, since it only frustrates you with their dysfunctional emptiness. Should they instead leave you in peace and say nothing about the subject? and to gain some actual useful knowledge, they should go live amongst the minority culture they'd like to speak of so that they won't offend anyone by talking out of their ass. Pardon the expression, but isn't that rather what you're getting at?"


Kevin, "I mean people aren't seriously trying to tell me, are they, that African Americans aren't attending poly get-togethers because I and other bigots are calling them blacks? If I found the right "magic word" to call them, would they suddenly start attending the poly get-togethers that they were staying away from before?"

Here's an idea: how about calling them "people"?~

It's not about "what to call people", it's about just acknowledging that they are people and stop trying to separate every one based on the very surface of things such as skin color or the way they talk when you truly know nothing about them other than what you see or hear without talking to them.~

Whether I am purple, pink, green, blue, silver, red, brown, yellow, white, orange, black, gray, poka-dotted, stripped, a rainbow, or any thing: you truly do not know the kind of person I am until you actually try to get to know me.~
Love yourself, you are beautiful!~ ^_^

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Appreciate every thing, every thing is precious.~

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