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Originally Posted by thunkybunny View Post
Protectionism is a strategy of the weak, but it works well for the weak.
This is an interesting opinion. It is also interesting that the most powerful countries in the world have very strong military forces. This is generally not to protect themselves but to protect their interests and citizens. Think families and children.

I'm not a scholar but have 20 years experience in the concept of protection. It is rarely exercised by the weak but more often practiced by the strong who shield the weak from harm until they are themselves capable of self protection. Think children.

So it is my opinion that the strongest of couples are the most capable of exercising protection but because they are so strong it becomes transparent.

I agree that the weak partnerships are the ones that flex thier muscles the most however. And people who need to flex their muscles often are often the least secure in their strength.

I might be misinterpreting your use of the word "protectionism". Can you explain it if that is the case?

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