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Default Winking out of existence?

Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
A domme only exists at the consent of the sub.
I think GG and others have given you fine advice. I have nothing to add on that.

But I have to disagree with GalaGirl's statement here. I get the intent behind it - I think. I read that as meaning a D/s relationship only exists as long as the sub wants it to. While this is true, I would amend it to saying that a D/s relationship exists only as long as both partners want it to. This is the ironically fundamentally egalitarian underpinning of D/s relationships.

But the wording makes it seem like the dom winks out of existence the minute the sub withdraws consent. (By the way, I hate the drive to label male (dom) and female (domme) dominants.) A dominant person without a sub is still a dominant. They just don't have a D/s relationship at the moment. A sub without a dominant is still a sub, just currently unpartnered.

Nitpicking over!
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