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I'm only a minority when I'm in certain places.
I refer to myself as a mutt. I LOOK white. So most people make that assumption and don't ask. Which is fine.

I honestly don't care what people refer to me as in regards to race.
I also don't care what color labels people use for the various races that I am related to (my kids are 3 different races, my grandsons are a 4th and my nephews are a 5th and my nieces are all a 6th).
I think the color labels take out a lot of the vitriol that comes with other designations. For example "Latino". Our PR family HATE being referred to as Latino OR Mexican OR Spanish. They prefer to stick to PR, but other people feel differently. My group of friends hates being referred to as African American, but others feel differently. My nephews don't care but their parents are bothered by "Eskimo" because that's only ONE of like 9 Alaska Native groups and it isn't' theirs. (My close friend who is also my ex boyfriend finds that one VERY annoying too. He's Aleut.)

On the other hand, my son-in-law is one or another American Indian-he simply doesn't tell anyone which and keeps it simple by leaving it at American Indian. So my grandsons are in the same boat (I'm sure we could find out if we wanted to-but why?).

GG and our daughter are Chinese. He prefers not to acknowledge or address it at all. He feels that since he can slide under the radar, it's better for him TO slide under the radar. But his mom and grandmother-could not. Their features are obvious. They don't like "oriental". They prefer specifically "Chinese". My daughter doesn't give a damn at this point and honestly-probably never will. We talk about it, she thinks it's very cool that she is part Chinese, but our family and social group are just so lax about terminology and everyone is accepted-so it's not a big defensive topic for her.

My nieces are black. They prefer to be referred to as black, not suprising as their parents and grandparents are the same way. But-again-they aren't living in an environment that has a lot of reminders or left over overt behaviors of racism towards blacks. They DO see A LOT of racism towards Alaska Natives (we all do) and it shows up in how defensively the different Alaska Native Groups react to being called by a different groups name (Aleut, Inupiat, Tlinkit, Eskimo, Athabaskan...). Most often it's people new to our area who do that. The people who have lived here the longest usually don't use specific designations like that without actually knowing the person.
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