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He ended the D/s side of the relationship.. is still considering whether to end the entirety of the relationship.
Whether he is doing this from a healthy angle? Or it's the start of the kiss off because you finally put some boundaries down and clarified that you expect to be able to hold him accountable?

Nobody online can tell. You people are the people who are there. You could be alert for his intent/motivations either way.

You may WANT to play with him emotionally, but what does your health and well being need to be safe?
I am not sure. I am taking steps backwards as well, because at the least, I know I cannot endure the drama and heartache that was happening for a few days. I am keeping lines of communication open, if he wishes to speak to me, but it's been a few days. We'll see.
I suggest you be OK without him and his drama.

Respect your own limits of tolerance. Let me copy what you wrote AGAIN:

I know I cannot endure the drama and heartache that was happening for a few days.

Only way for you to not endure drama is to stay away from him.

All this is reasonable --

I also contend that in the beginning of the relationship, considering that he was someone I met off of fetlife (ie social media, with no in-person friends in common), that I was in the right to want to protect myself by getting as much information about him as possible. He did know at the time that I was doing those searches; he has since refused to give me certain bits of information for the very reason that he did not want me tempted to search for more detail in specific areas of his life.
You take up with a stranger for D/s play (with no vetting from close friends even) that may put your well being at risk.... of COURSE you want to know more about him! He could understand that and lay out it in the front window rather than blocking communication -- because a Domme exists only at the consent of the sub.

If you risk being with him when he's not willing to be straight up and disclose to you, he's all over the place emotionally, lacks logic, and/or he brings out bad sides of you? He's not a healthy person for you to be around. I'm sorry.

Internet has nothing to do with his willingness to disclose to YOU. That's just how/where he could share some info. The point that he DOESN'T want to disclose in ANY shape, but still wants to Domme you? Meh. You can D/s with less drama-lama people, have a good time, and not be dealing in this crazy.

Tread carefully.


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