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If it worked for me, it can work for you.

I was actually a poly virgin until a few years ago. I've known I'd pursue poly since my Jr. year in High School, but I wasn't nearly ready to have sex with anyone. The monogamous people I dated saw my virginity as a prize, which in itself was a turn off. I just wasn't ready. At some point during college, I started meeting different partners. I was in relationships with around 3 people and sex actually wasn't such a huge issue. I kept cringing, thinking they'd tire of waiting, but my partners liked me for more than my "prize". Of those relationships, I had a secondary relationship with a married man that lasted over 5 years. I "lost" my virginity to him after waiting two years.

Don't do what you're not comfortable doing. If I gave in to the pressures around me, it could have been my undoing. I'm happy I waited; it wasn't about anyone else, it was for me. The person I first had sex with couldn't have been a better partner. Really out of all wonderful people I was seeing, I trusted him the most (but at the time we probably had the weakest romantic connection. Go figure).
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