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I know I'm probably dorking up something in the conversation by replying to an early post before I read the rest, but what the hell... jumping in with both feet without looking here...

Oh, and I voted to improve their conditions.

Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
For the record, eating meat that has died of "natural causes" is a bad idea and could very well kill you.

I spent the summers around small family farms and never saw the conditions that keep making the news. Healthy animals produce better. We are far too removed from the food we eat. If we all had to personally grow and raise our own food, we wouldn't see the tragic conditions that seem prevalent in the mega corporate run farms. Instead we have cities trying to outlaw even small vegetable gardens.

We've gotten accustomed to having food in any season, trucked in from who-knows-where, with zero flavor (home-grown tomatoes versus farmed tomatoes? No contest), or artificial flavor due to your meats being injected with who-knows-what before you eat it.

And it costs a premium to avoid that stuff, when it used to just be standard.

I wouldn't mind going back to the days when veggies were out of season in the winter, and you bought from local farms, but we won't be dialing back the clock. People complain about it, but people still want meat and veggies when they want them, which is NOW, and they won't complain with the voice that is heard the most - their wallets.

And OBTW, local eggs are the BEST. Omnomnomnom...

Pertaining to Kevin's first post, I have no qualms about being an om(nomnom)nivore. But yes, it would serve us all well to know where our food comes from.

Poking around some of the later posts, I'm not keen on circus animals of any stripe. I'm taking the kids to Florida this upcoming April, and was considering SeaWorld. Instead, I'll take them to the Miami Sea Aquarium on another vacation, where they actually TRY to rehabilitate their animals and send them back into the wild, rather than pay lip service to it. Still meaning to watch the movie "Blackfin" at some point.

On the other hand, I'll tip the hat to the people who have the performing cats. Anyone who can train a cat to do ANYTHING has my utmost respect and admiration.

And 'ew' on eating animals that have died of natural causes. Just... no.
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