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Crap: Couldn't take the test, probably because my computer rejects cookies obsessively (just as I taught it to do). Sigh. Sorry.

I guess I'll have to depend on the various people around me (both online and offline) to estimate my implicit prejudices.

Re (from LovingRadiance):
"I don't mind being a devil -- but I've been told I make a better succubus."
You succubus you ...

Speak of the succubus, and the succubus will come?

Re (from David G. Meyers):
"Many stereotypes spring less from malice of the heart than from the machinery of the mind."
Well stated!

"Stereotypes represent cognitive efficiency."
Oohhh, nice ... the brain doesn't necessarily pretend it knows everything, it just tells itself, "For argument's sake, let's say this (X or Y) is true." Then the brain has a starting point from which it can learn more if it gets the time and opportunity.

"Prejudice is a negative attitude. Discrimination is a negative behavior."
Nicely-groomed layout of the distinction!

Anyway LR, thanks for the info and a chance to ponder some of our "hot-button words."
Love means never having to say, "Put down that meat cleaver!"
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