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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
My love is beyond the need to express it in a specific way. I know it could be reshaped in many ways to remain connected. Perhaps friendship, perhaps merely knowing she is in the world.
Thanks for sharing!! To me, you have a great love without the desire to completely possess. It's an amazing state to be in! It's similar to the goal of yoga. Great determination coupled with an ultimate non-attachment. This is not to say that a significant change in the way you relate (a change from sexual lovers to simply two people existing on the same planet with a profound awareness of each other's presence) would not involve great grief, because it would.

It seems to me that a strong conviction and persistent effort of choosing actions, speech and thoughts that lead to stable tranquility combined with letting go of attachments, aversions and fears….balancing these could well be a key for living a life of peace and contentment. And that's what I see you doing even in the midst of life and the struggles that life presents.
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