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I should mention that when we discussed my longing to have a family in the future she had said that we could discuss is when we get there and that they could help me find a sperm donor or possibly discuss my having his baby. I understand that they are married, and I am coming into THEIR relationship, but after close to four years of us being together, I'm struggling with this fact as well. I'm not sure why but lately I am have been obsessing over feeling like an outsider to THEIR relationship and I worry that their wanting to have a baby will only make this feeling worse. Have any poly couples that brought a girlfriend into their relationship made a married-like commitment to her? I feel like I would be more comfortable with their starting a family if I truly felt I was a part of it. I don't want to be one of those women that needs a ring and a piece of paper, but I am scared of being pushed out due to a growing family.
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