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Originally Posted by BigGuy View Post
Have you shared your concern with them. The easiest (and best in my opinion) way ti deal with fear and jealousy is to seek reassurance frim those involved. If they love you, they will help you navigate through this rough patxh
It was brought up to me today and kind of took me by surprise as the last I knew she was not interested in having children. At one point it was discussed that perhaps when I am ready he and I could have a child. But her want to have a child seemed to come out of the blue. I told them that it scared me and I told them why. I was informed that I would be a part of all of it, and it would be special for all of us. Which should be reassuring but I still find myself very scared of this change. I am just hoping that maybe someone out there has been in this situation and could give me some advice. An outside perspective.
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