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"When dealing with a conversation on a board like this -- where you have people who may or may not share the same or similar races; but absolutely have different preferences ...
In that case -- you use what you know, and they need to be willing to *politely state their personal preference* when being addressed personally. *Then* you use their preference when dealing addressing things pertinent directly to them."
Sounds right to me. [Note the added "politely state" emphasis.]

P.S. Observe the thread title: "What Should We Call the Descendants of Southern-States Slaves? etc."

About that "etc." part: I consider a big chunk of it to be this question: How would you like your own race/color/culture to be treated, especially if you're of a minority race/color/culture, and the person/s "treating" you are of the majority race/color/culture?

And if some Caucasians (or other majority group) want to describe what they consider the best way to treat this or that minority race, I won't complain (but can't promise you won't get the evil eye from london if you do! ).

@ london ... your choices and preferences make sense and illustrate the unpretentious, logical approach to "the nomenclature problem."
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