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Update time.

Woodsmith has been doing some studying for tests as well as hunting so he's been busy with that.

The night of the 21st I met SB, KB, NT, and SP for dinner at Red Robin. The waitress we had was really awesome and also didn't ask questions (or seem weirded out by SB sitting/cuddling with me while he and KB were on the same tab). Afterwards this group of 5 (what KB was calling the poly family) went to meet up with 5 others (extended poly family) to watch Catching Fire (9 pm showing).

Friday went to physical therapy. Found out while there that I am bone on bone with both knees, have nerve damage of some sort (can't feel everything that touches me), and have degenerative disk disorder. So going to try and slow down some problems, reverse others, and make the rest livable. Then went to my parent's for some yummy shrimp scampi, a movie on a horse, and then sleep.

Saturday went shopping with my mom. She got my Christmas presents (two pinup dresses and a pinup skirt) and I bought a lot of other Christmas presents (have only three more to get). Afterwards joined up with SB, KB, NT, and SP at a Unitarian church because KB was participating in a panel for 7th-9th graders on various types of sexuality, gender, and relationships. After that we went to a play party/Cards Against Humanity party. There, under SB's eyes and with him spotting, I got to experience fire spray and fire glove massage. He and I then played a little with flash cotton, white rain moose, and he experimented with dry ice slushy (dry ice with alcohol) and fire. I went back to their place afterwards.

Sunday spent most of the day hanging out with KB. SB had to be at work at 7 and NT and SP were sleeping for much longer than KB and I. She and I got to talk a lot about our visions of poly, our dreams for a poly family, and even our dreams for how we wish to mix work and being homemakers. SB and I later had a talk when the two of us started getting really hot and heavy and to the point of sex that the last few relationships he's been in since KB have been very physical and not much else. But he doesn't want to have that with me, that he wants this to have a deeper meaning and last.

Still waiting to hear from the place with the rental application. If I don't hear by Wednesday morning,going to give them a call.
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