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Right now, my rooming situation is a bit like ladyjools's. My two partners each have their own bedroom. All of my stuff is in K's (except for my dirty laundry!), and I alternate where I sleep between their two rooms. When I'm awake and home, though, I'm usually on one of the couches in the living room... We all live with half a dozen housemates, so I spend most of my time in communal spaces and wait until bedtime to use a bedroom.

I'm not sure if it's in my temperament or what, but I don't tend to want a physical space of my own. Sometimes I want mental space, so I grab a novel or my laptop and fall into my own little world, or I go for a walk if the weather is nice enough (New England isn't as accommodating as I might like!). I don't really like being alone in a room-- it's nice for an hour or two, but I get tired of it pretty fast.
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