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Hello Bawdysattva,

Yes - I believe your perception is accurate - everywhere in the US - not just your area. There are far fewer women INITIALLY (as advertised) willing to seriously consider poly relationships. No point in getting into the "whys" of that. It is what it is as you say.

However, it may be that labels here are part of the problem. In establishing a relationship I feel it's important to first focus on the connection. The details can come later. I think you might want to consider just meeting (dating?) PEOPLE - not labels - first and see where things lead.
First off, for a TRULY polyamorous person (someone who has put sufficient time into learning, understanding and soul searching) it will likely be the case that there will be such a philosophical gap between you and someone with classic, rigid views that no real level of compatibility will exist anyway.
But you can't know that depth until you really get to know a "person" better.

Labels are funny things. People cling to them for a variety of reasons and sometimes only out of what is most convenient and/or society generally approves. Down deep, if you get there, you may find something different. But you'll never find out unless you look.

I say - go forward - discard labels - assume nothing. Part of finding open minded, insightful people is to be/have one yourself

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