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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
And yet, since it's become such a looming hot-button topic, do you (if you're not a member of the ethnic now referred to) dare to share an opinion of what you think the descendants of Southern-States slaves (in the United States) ought to be called? What do you consider the most appropriate and least hurtful label?
Whatever they as INDIVIDUALS (not a group) prefer.
Which-is where it gets sticky.
SOME of them have a preference for black, others a preference for brown, others a preference for African American, others prefer colored, others prefer..... the list could go on for ages.

When dealing with an individual-or a group small enough to actually address personally, whatever it is that they prefer.
So-my group of black friends prefer black. When I speak of them, that is what I call them.

On the other hand, one of them dated a lady from New York City and she found that VERY VERY offensive. She prefers African American. She tried to push that I needed to refer to THEM as what SHE prefers. That is inappropriate. They and she are in fact individuals and because SHE prefers African American, it's most appropriate to use that term in addressing her race. HOWEVER-that isn't their preference, theirs is black and therefore, it's most appropriate to use black in addressing their race.

Which-is WHOLLY unhelpful when dealing with a conversation on a board like this-where you have people who may or may not share the same or similar races; but absolutely have different preferences.

In that case-you use what you know, and they need to be willing to politely state their personal preference when being addressed personally. THEN you use their preference when dealing addressing things pertinent directly to them.
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