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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
Oh gods, don't "speak of the devil" [read: "speak of the moderators" -- but I don't mean you're a devil, O ruthlessly witty one] or the devil will come, and have my filthily-delusioned European American butt in a sling for saying black and white (There goes my myopic black-and-white thinking again).

And I even agree with you about the distinction between prejudice and stereotyping. Thanks for your post in general.
I don't mind being a devil-but I've been told I make a better succubus.

After a week and a half of lectures, homework and study on the specific differences between prejudice, stereotypes, system 1 thinking, system 2 thinking, how evolution theoretically plays into all of it, discrimination etc... I figured it would be helpful to point out that there is in fact a difference. We often link them, we often see where there are legitimate links. But-the existence of one doesn't necessarily mean that the other is actually there.
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