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Default What Should We Call the Descendants of Southern-States Slaves? etc.

Re (from london):
"As a half-black person, I'll tell you one thing us ethnics get pissed off about and that's white people deciding what is racist and what isn't. You know, the ones who say don't say this or don't say that are usually the ones who make the most derogatory comments out of sheer ignorance."
With that in mind: What moniker would you prefer for your own race/color/culture? since belonging to that race/color/culture is the only thing that gives you the right to express such an opinon.

And yet, since it's become such a looming hot-button topic, do you (if you're not a member of the ethnic now referred to) dare to share an opinion of what you think the descendants of Southern-States slaves (in the United States) ought to be called? What do you consider the most appropriate and least hurtful label?

If you are a descendant of Southern-States slaves, then you've already answered all the above questions simultaneously. But if you're not, then I at least for one am willing to hear what your opinion is on the matter of labeling the descendants of Southern-States Slaves (in the United States).

Naming your own race/color/culture is "easy." You've an inborn right to do that, so let your voice be heard on that matter at least, I encourage you.
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